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Ketchup and mustard refill bottles

Posted on: April 20, 2009

This task was a group project at my school, were we had to design new and improved refill bottles for (in our case) restaurants. Our goal was to make a ketchup and mustard bottle that don’t take up too much space on the table, is 60’s retro inspired and is easy to use and clean. The bottles were made in CATIA and printed out in a selective laser sintering (SLS) machine.

Please give feedback

My group;

Ragnhild Mjønner, Anders Lilleby and myself Maria Bacus Edvardsen

3 Responses to "Ketchup and mustard refill bottles"

Så kult at du har fått deg blogg 😀

Ja den funke som en motivasjonsfaktor til å produsere mer design og kunst 😉 ikke noe personlig, sånn privat messig, men bare vise ka æ jobber med og få feedback på det 😀
Så bloggen din! Very nice ;D;D

jippi for maria! fin blogg 🙂

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