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3 different types of concept for the rapidmanufacturing task we have at school

Stunna shades


Birdy house

Made by group 5; Karin Ekwall, Ulrikke Pedersen and me, Maria..

The teachers and the sensors went for the shoes concept! so we’ll be making shoes for the next 3 weeks! a girls dream…

My first portrait I am trying to make in photoshop. I am using a tutorial from a book named Fantasy workshop, by Fantasy and Sci-fi digital art, ImagineFX… The tutorial I am following is made by a great digital artist from Poland named Marta Dahlig. Her website:

Leave comments and tips on how to continue… I’m kinda locked right now, because I can’t get the eyes right..

This was a short course we had this last week. How to make a good interactive design that is easy for users to understand. We had to make a new interface for a coffee machine.. Our coffee machine is going to have a touchscreen interface, where the buttons show up in sequences, depending on what choices you make. Imagine glowing neon buttons popping up on the screen.

My group; Karin Ekwall, Ulrikke Pedersen and me, Maria…

Made my first flash movie on this course, but the teacher said that it didn’t show the machines entire function, just the concept of the buttons.. I’ll try to post it out later. kaffemaskindscn3087kaffemaskin-033Some pictures of the paper prototype.. The last picture is an overall view of all the buttons/choices you can make on the machine. Hope you like…