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The chess play set we made for our first project of this semester was a hit!

We entered a competition named Gullkalven and we won first place in product design. Here is a link to our chess set and the jury’s comments on it. It’s in Norwegian, but you’ll see some pictures of the chess set.

And the chess set from our school’s webpage:

Hope you like it!

We had a rapid manufacturing project were me and my group; Ulrikke Pedersen and Karin Ekwall wanted to make highheal shoes. The project went great and I will post the final shoes when I have taken some good pictures of them. For now I will show you the renders of the wireframe, diamonds and street art shoes.

Click on the image if you want a bigger view, I recommend it because the render turned out great! This is the first time I use v-ray so I am very satisfied.

…is now available at dirty duckling.

Go and buy! (the webpage is in Norwegian)