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Rapid Manufacturing Shoes render

Posted on: June 5, 2009

We had a rapid manufacturing project were me and my group; Ulrikke Pedersen and Karin Ekwall wanted to make highheal shoes. The project went great and I will post the final shoes when I have taken some good pictures of them. For now I will show you the renders of the wireframe, diamonds and street art shoes.

Click on the image if you want a bigger view, I recommend it because the render turned out great! This is the first time I use v-ray so I am very satisfied.

4 Responses to "Rapid Manufacturing Shoes render"

i just saw your 3d vector rendering and i find it AMAZING!
I am looking into vector rendering, i have never done it in my life, but i also need to present a whole shoe collection..
would it be possible to know which program you used? (i have a mac) and also, how much time it took you and how difficult it is please? (just so that u know, i odnt have much difficulty with computers, and i use photoshop and illustrator on a daily basis)..
thanks a lot 🙂

the program I used for the shoe rendering is 3d studio max (I modeled them there) and rendered them out with v-ray.
I think the modelling process took me 5-6 days with the wireframe shoe. The streetart shoe took only one days work. I used two days on the v-ray lights and rendering.
The diamond shoe was modelled in Catia by Karin. I dont remember how many days she used on modelling those shoes.
Can I see your shoe collection? 🙂 If you need more tips, just contact me.
Good luck with your shoe collection!

hey! thanks for the quick reply!!
i have been looking on the net but i cant find any progs for mac users.. nothing that looks as good as what you did!! do you know of an equivalent prog for mac? i found maya but then i read on some blogs that there was no 3d rendering…
i just really need to make it look the most real possible because i am unable to physically make all the shoes, but i still need “pictures” of them. So i need it to be really quick, simple, and professional!!
and as soon as im done this whole 3D business, ill show you my collection, i promise!! oh and also how much time do u think (approx..) it would take me to make about 40 shoes in 3D? (that are pretty much as complex as your white one..)


OMG, Im so sorry I havent answerd earlier, I havent seen your reply until now :S How did the shoe project go? Its been awhile since we talked so I guess you are done with it? 40 pairs of shoes is alot! It would have taken me maybe 3 – 4 shoes a week, if my modelling speed picked up after a couple of shoes. If you want another modelling program you can use Cinema 4D. Good for modelling and rendering 🙂

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