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There is a monster in my bathroom garbage!!!


I want to make monsters and funny creatures out of everyday things..  This will be  my “special feature” in my blog 🙂

I made a slimy monster with big teeth(the teeths are 3 lightswitches) in my classroom

monstah on wall


Beautiful illustrations from Silent Record

silent record


A beautiful car concept

Check out BMW’s video about GINA!


Our summertask was to find a product that gives us a feeling of happiness and surprises us. I wanted to present my eggholder.


The first time I saw it I had to smile because I love toy soldiers! It reminds me of my childhood, where me and my brother used to play with little toy soldiers in the attic. The three soldiers are standing in a circle on a aluminium plate. I had to look at the packaging to see what function the soldiers had, and when I saw it was a eggholder I really wanted to buy it. I like this product because it is a good example on creative reuse!

Okey, so my digital painting attempt on photoshop continues to be a dissapointment (or a project I don’t dare to continue with), I WILL try again and again.. I’m finished with the basic colors on her face.. I need to place the dark and light parts on her body..

Tell me what you think! Colour, clothes, face, eyes etc..

A good guideline to how to do a good photoshop coloring on  a character. This tutorial is from an digital artist from Singapore, his username on Deviantart is Artgerm.