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The moki business cartd for my branding project. This is my first attemt to create a fun and professional business card for my Moki toys company.

Let me know what you think..

A photoshop drawing im doing right now.. A cute pin up girl that loves candy! She has a cute/sexy pose with a lollipop in her hand. I wanted bright colors that might be assosiated with candy. I am heading the right direction with the hair, the rest of her body and clothes are just base colored.The flower is just a future referance for when I am going to paint it.

Here are some pictures. Let me know if there is something wrong with the perspective, the colors, anatomy etc etc. Click on the picture several times to zoom in.

I took a webcam photo and was surprized to see this cute little guy joining the snapshot!


I am starting a new drawing in photoshop now…  Drawing clouds is the main task in this drawing, but I am not sure about how they came out.. the cat and the tv antenna it is standing on is okey.. all in all a good drawing that took me just an hour to make.. 🙂

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I am practicing my vector art in illustrator CS4 . This is a gypsy woman I had to make for a festival in Oslo. I came this far with the picture and then the client said that they wanted a real photo of a gypsy instead. It doesnt matter because I got a great kick-start on my first vector art in a long time. I can post some other vector art I have done with this post, just check out the gallery 🙂 The grim face is one of the first vector art I have ever done, a pretty easy one to do. The angel and devil has more details, I am not happy with the devil fork because it looks like it belongs to Poseidon >_<‘ …  And the indian man is a friend of mine, so that is my first portrait..  The gypsy’s guitar is not done and her hands. Please comment if there is something I can do better, I love getting feedback!

This a picture me and Edmond Yang did together for our friends who were getting married. I think it took 10 hours to complete this drawing. Hope you like!

Drew this henna design a couple years ago, published it on and it ended up as a tattoo half across the globe. This is a girl from USA that loved my design so much that she needed to make it a part of her forever :)The tattoo artist made some changes when it came to the thickness of the lines. He said that some details were to small and the variation of the line was impossible to draw. Hope you like!

I’ve changed my brandname from mokitoys (motion kinetic toys) to just Moki.. It is easier to work with when it comes to logos and I figured that adding “toys” for a brand name is like having a third wheel. Toys, you must leave the premise! MOKI stands alone!