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My brother has an old snowboard that he paintet grey and wanted me to draw on it. I had a black color marker and chose to draw something I was comfortable with, Henna design..

My favorite webshop that I wished we had in Oslo as  a real store! I want to buy so many pieces of clothing there but I am scared that the clothes I buy will not fit me 😦 The style in mod cloth varies from retro to fantasy to vintage, and they have things you can buy for your apartment!

Here are some pieces I reaaaally want in my closet 😉

Links to this page :

and you can look at these pretty dresses at

An excercise we did at school at the beginning of this semester. I sketched up some backpacks and waterbelts and developed this waterbelt with the bottle intergrated into the belt.

Things I want to buy, but definitely to not need!

Silicone muffin holder shaped as a teacup! ❤

Calf and half creamer!

Cereal bowl! I really want this one, but there is no space in our kitchen shelfs!