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Found this vector artist at

Love the way Zutto’s artwork looks, because it kinda looks like a digital painting made in Photoshop instead of Illustrator. Some of Zutto’s work looks very smooth and 3-dimentional and the rest is obviously vector made.

This was my favorite vector piece by Zutto, “The Cave tales” very dark, cute, and I kinda get this feeling of beeing safe in that cave 😛

Look at Zutto’s behance portfolio at

A big canvas that me and Edmond have drawn things and characters that comes to mind 😉 We draw characters whenever we want to, so this picture will be filled up even more. Hope u like..

My teacher (Per Farstad) asked me to make mock-ups of several backpacks, I made some in my easter vacation, but I didnt feel that that method gave me anything in return. So I started sketching very simple and fast thumbnails of the backpacks front side. My drawing skills are at a low point now and everything I draw is not good enough. After 5 A3 pages of bad drawings I only liked one of them. This is the hardest part for me, not liking any of my sketches and doubting my abilities to get better. But I have to keep on going and draw my hand off!

I think my school is honestly trying to kill me with philosophy.. Now I am at Deichman library with Eleonor. She has her bachelor thesis to do, so I guess she has the worst task :/

Here are some pictures of “motivated” students

Have a nice sunny day!

He is sad beacuse the oven doesnt work.. He likes to eat the burned left overs 😛


Consept number 1 “2-in-1”

With this hydration backpack you get two products in one! A hydration backpack, for the long runs/hikes/bikeride/skiing, where you need lots of water. And a hydration belt for the short runs/hikings and so on.

Consept 2 “Wrap me up”

What I wanted with this hydration backpack was to get more comfort and stability for the active user. If your backpack is wrapping it self around you, maybe it those criteriors will be forfilled. It is also looks very sleek and dynamic with the long lines.

Consept 3 “minimal”

Here its all about getting the backpack as small as you can. The weight has to be around 300 – 350 grams and there has to be a minimal use of materials.

The teachers wanted me to continue with consept number 1 “2-in-1”. 🙂

My poor laptop has had a hard life so far.. I’ve been throwing it straight into my backpack with no sleeve to protect it and that has caused some damage to it.. One of my classmates (Ida) has this beautiful laptop sleeve for her mac, an “incase” sleeve. I wanted the same for my laptop so I went straight to the apple house to get one, but they didnt have the right color and size for my monster laptop.. Found a blue/greenish sleeve from “case logic” that is normally for 17″ laptop. It is a bit large for my 16″ laptop, but acceptable.. Maybe I can throw in my wacom board in the sleeve with the computer (?).

All in all, I am glad that my computer is safer, and that I found a color that reflects my personality ^^