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About me

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Maria Bacus Edvardsen, age 24. I live in Norway, Oslo, but was born and raised within the polar circle, just to be more specific: Kirkenes.

I needed a blog to motivate myself to draw, produce and design new illustration, art and ideas, and to get feedback from the public. My art and designs needs to get improved. I have come to this point were I feel that my skills hasn’t improved that much in a while. Hopefully, by getting this blog, I will get more practice and eventually get better.

Drawing History
I’ve been drawing with pencil since I was little, but started to draw seriously when I was 17 years old. I started with Manga characters, occult, horror and mecha drawings. After 2 years with japanese cartoon style I felt it was time to move on to something different, so I started with marvel comic style drawings/characters. My biggest inspirations in that field are Adam Hughes, Steve McNiven, Joseph Michael Linsner and Michael Turner. In 2006 I attended the 3D design and animation at Noroff , a school I wont recommend, but at least I learned how to use 3D studio max. I didn’t continue at that school because 3D animation wasn’t something I wanted to pursue. I applied for the Oslo school of Architecture and Design (AHO) and got accepted in the Institute of industrial design. I got an introduction on how to draw an object with the right perspective, light and shadow, measuring points etc. We drew various irregular forms and I knew in my first year at AHO that I have been to attached to character design, never letting any objects be sketched by my hands. Now I’m on my 5th semester and I think it is going okey:) You can judge for yourself out of what you see here in my blog. Recently I have bought a wacom drawing tablet (hope thats what they call it in English) and I have started to experiment and practice on drawing and coloring in Photoshop. I also get some occasional illustrator assignments from Yangmedia in my spare time..

Here is a link:

My deviant art account:

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6 Responses to "About me"

Hei!! Så fin blogg:)!
Hvordan add’er jeg deg som venn? :S

thank u! Æ ekke helt sikker på kordan man adder til venner, visste ikke at man kunne jøre d.. har du blogg på samme nettside? wordpress?

nei er på

nei vet ikke jeg:S
vet hvordan man gjør det på, men skjønte ikke heelt denne siden..

i am now a fan of’re doing really great! keep it up coz you’ve got the talent baby!..

thank you dear 🙂 *happy*

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