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Sitting at tealounge with my fiances ipad on my lap… Taking a small break before reading for my exam.. I’ve been so against ipad and now I feel that I want one for myself!:S the apple bug has bit me and im scared!!! When I first heard about the ipad I thought “omg what a waste of material and another thing to have in your purse.. Why isnt it enough with your laptop?” now I see that it is easier to surf on.. Just checking out blogs, your e-mails and your facebook is so much easier. you dont have your laptop computer wire in the way, you have to look for a powerplug for the charger, and its smaller.. So yeah, i might become one of those million apple zombies ;p

Today was a great day! Went to the beach with a friend, came home, smoked my waterpipe with watermelon taste and made american pancakes from White King!


Walking on clouds…

Finger on the sun…



my dear pipe…

watermelon smoke…

These pancakes are the best I have ever tasted!

Came back from Stavanger today and had a great time with my father! We went to Prekestolen and it took 1 hour and 20 minutes up the mountain and the decent took 1 hour and 40 minutes.. The decent was the hardest part :S Up at the Prekestolen I just said “Oh my God, I’m so scared” all the time 😛 Prekestolen is a massive cliff 600 meters over Lysefjorden and they say it could fall at any time! Found out later that it is hanging safe on the mountain after all..The next day we took a fjord cruise in Lysefjorden. Norways nature allways amaze me ❤

Here are some pictures from my little mini vacation ^^

Notice the doll on the mountain wall?

Yes, ahem… It was a cold and wet experience up a mountain in the rain.. So yeah.. I’m not looking fresh exactly 😛

I’m just scared in this picture 😛

Summer is here! And I am so looking forward to lazy days in the park, swimming, hanging out with my great friends, working out outside(!), clubbing, barbeque, travelling and lots of ice cream!!!

And now I am off to Stavanger! Going to walk up to Prekestolen with my dad!

I have now stepped into a new world, the world of twitter! O_o I’ve allways thought that the whole twitter concept has been unnecessary and weird, but I have to try it out before I judge it.. Now I shall go, and twitt my heart out!

If you wanna follow me, search for maria bacus 😉

I am not regreting the day I started my subscribtion for Imagine FX magazines! I love the tutorials, tips, inspirations, amazing artist etc. in this magazine..

Main theme of june 2010 Imagine FX is vampires.. lol, so much vampire fever everywhere!

At work today I found a great ring! It looks like a part of my henna tattoo drawing so I fell in love with it! Look at the pictures 😉

I think my school is honestly trying to kill me with philosophy.. Now I am at Deichman library with Eleonor. She has her bachelor thesis to do, so I guess she has the worst task :/

Here are some pictures of “motivated” students

Have a nice sunny day!