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So this is my semester project all done and delivered. Take a look and tell me what you think 🙂

A big canvas that me and Edmond have drawn things and characters that comes to mind 😉 We draw characters whenever we want to, so this picture will be filled up even more. Hope u like..

An excercise we did at school at the beginning of this semester. I sketched up some backpacks and waterbelts and developed this waterbelt with the bottle intergrated into the belt.

I am practicing my vector art in illustrator CS4 . This is a gypsy woman I had to make for a festival in Oslo. I came this far with the picture and then the client said that they wanted a real photo of a gypsy instead. It doesnt matter because I got a great kick-start on my first vector art in a long time. I can post some other vector art I have done with this post, just check out the gallery 🙂 The grim face is one of the first vector art I have ever done, a pretty easy one to do. The angel and devil has more details, I am not happy with the devil fork because it looks like it belongs to Poseidon >_<‘ …  And the indian man is a friend of mine, so that is my first portrait..  The gypsy’s guitar is not done and her hands. Please comment if there is something I can do better, I love getting feedback!

This a picture me and Edmond Yang did together for our friends who were getting married. I think it took 10 hours to complete this drawing. Hope you like!

Drew this henna design a couple years ago, published it on and it ended up as a tattoo half across the globe. This is a girl from USA that loved my design so much that she needed to make it a part of her forever :)The tattoo artist made some changes when it came to the thickness of the lines. He said that some details were to small and the variation of the line was impossible to draw. Hope you like!

We had a rapid manufacturing project were me and my group; Ulrikke Pedersen and Karin Ekwall wanted to make highheal shoes. The project went great and I will post the final shoes when I have taken some good pictures of them. For now I will show you the renders of the wireframe, diamonds and street art shoes.

Click on the image if you want a bigger view, I recommend it because the render turned out great! This is the first time I use v-ray so I am very satisfied.

This was a short course we had this last week. How to make a good interactive design that is easy for users to understand. We had to make a new interface for a coffee machine.. Our coffee machine is going to have a touchscreen interface, where the buttons show up in sequences, depending on what choices you make. Imagine glowing neon buttons popping up on the screen.

My group; Karin Ekwall, Ulrikke Pedersen and me, Maria…

Made my first flash movie on this course, but the teacher said that it didn’t show the machines entire function, just the concept of the buttons.. I’ll try to post it out later. kaffemaskindscn3087kaffemaskin-033Some pictures of the paper prototype.. The last picture is an overall view of all the buttons/choices you can make on the machine. Hope you like…

This task was a group project at my school, were we had to design new and improved refill bottles for (in our case) restaurants. Our goal was to make a ketchup and mustard bottle that don’t take up too much space on the table, is 60’s retro inspired and is easy to use and clean. The bottles were made in CATIA and printed out in a selective laser sintering (SLS) machine.

Please give feedback

My group;

Ragnhild Mjønner, Anders Lilleby and myself Maria Bacus Edvardsen