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Found a great post at! A perspective sculpture of the Simpsons family!

Look at more of his scupltures at !

So yeah, my fiance told me that I need to wear accesosires.. After he told me that, I got hoocked on buying big necklaces, earrings and a specially bracelets! I love wearing bracelets and I can’t go out of the apartment without a bracelet on my wrist that matches my vintage bags or my earrings.. I can’t believe I hated wearing accesosires, it pulls the outfit together and gives you more identity! 😉

I love cities that dares to show of street art on the walls of buildings. If only street artists in Oslo was allowed to let their creativity loose on a boring wall all over Oslo, I personally will be smiling wider when I walk out the door 🙂

Here are some pictures of some street art and some cute buildings.

Why can’t all cities of the world be as colorful as this street?! I bet we all would be a little happier 😉

Crazy, cool and fun shoes from if shoes could Takes me back to one of the best projects I have ever had; Rapid prototyping shoes with Karin Ekwall and Ulrikke Pedersen ❤


Flinstone pumps ^^

Okey, maybe it’s a bit weird to post refrigerators, but these are a great examples of timeless design. They are from the 1950’s in wonderful colors and great rounded shapes! I really REALLY want a retro refrigerator! I’ve been trying to find a refrigerator that doesnt cost that much, but they are expencive! And I could only find two brands, SMEG and Northstar. I know that I can get a hold of SMEG here in Norway, but I can’t find Northstar for sale in Norway. Rachel Ray has a baby blue Northstar refrigerator in her talk show kitchen and I love it!

If anybody knows about more retro refrigerator brands, let me know 😉

Check out the pictures!

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Finally I’ve bought a scrapbook album that I can but my polaroid pictures in 😀

It took me an hour to put all the pictures in the album, but I am missing some cute asian stickers that I wanted to decorate the album with. The stickers have to be somewhere in this messy apartment..

Took some pictures, hope u like, because I love it!

My brother has an old snowboard that he paintet grey and wanted me to draw on it. I had a black color marker and chose to draw something I was comfortable with, Henna design..