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Making mock-ups has been challenging, but rewarding.. I’ve made one 1:3 scale mock-up, but it was hard to work with and I did’nt get a good view of how it would look like in full scale. So I started making my mock ups in full scale. I chose two design sketches that I liked and made them.

Now I’m out of thread, so I have to wait with the sewing tiil tomorrow.. Untiil then I’ll start with the new rapport layout.. 🙂

My teacher (Per Farstad) asked me to make mock-ups of several backpacks, I made some in my easter vacation, but I didnt feel that that method gave me anything in return. So I started sketching very simple and fast thumbnails of the backpacks front side. My drawing skills are at a low point now and everything I draw is not good enough. After 5 A3 pages of bad drawings I only liked one of them. This is the hardest part for me, not liking any of my sketches and doubting my abilities to get better. But I have to keep on going and draw my hand off!

Consept number 1 “2-in-1”

With this hydration backpack you get two products in one! A hydration backpack, for the long runs/hikes/bikeride/skiing, where you need lots of water. And a hydration belt for the short runs/hikings and so on.

Consept 2 “Wrap me up”

What I wanted with this hydration backpack was to get more comfort and stability for the active user. If your backpack is wrapping it self around you, maybe it those criteriors will be forfilled. It is also looks very sleek and dynamic with the long lines.

Consept 3 “minimal”

Here its all about getting the backpack as small as you can. The weight has to be around 300 – 350 grams and there has to be a minimal use of materials.

The teachers wanted me to continue with consept number 1 “2-in-1”. 🙂

I’ve been sewing this entire week, by hand! So it took a while, but now I’ve finished the structure of the stuffed animal, but I need to tighten it up somewhere so it gets a more realistic look and isnt to loose anywhere.

The animal I went for is a formosan yellow throated marten.

The Formosan yellow-throated marten is a subspecies of the yellow-throated marten (an Asian marten species) found on Formosa island in Taiwan. Yellow-throated martens range from 15 to 24 inches in head and body length and their tails range from 15 to 16.5 inches long. Adults can weigh as much as 7.5 lb. Their coats are brown and darken toward and on the tail, and the throat and chin are canary yellow in color. Their ears are low-set and rounded, and their fore and hind feet have naked pads with sharp claws enabling them to climb quickly and easily through trees.

I am uncertain about the eyes I found at the pearlhouse (perlehuset). I thought that the see-through part of the button eye would be transparent against the dark fabric so it would’nt stand out so much. But when I put it against the animal I think it looks weird. I wont sew it on yet, because I need to take a look around and see if there is more teddybear eyes out there.

Look at the pictures.. Tell me what you think.

The moki business cartd for my branding project. This is my first attemt to create a fun and professional business card for my Moki toys company.

Let me know what you think..

I’ve changed my brandname from mokitoys (motion kinetic toys) to just Moki.. It is easier to work with when it comes to logos and I figured that adding “toys” for a brand name is like having a third wheel. Toys, you must leave the premise! MOKI stands alone!


It’s a world with a small amount of endangered species, but our goal is to fill that world with more of those animals and make sure we never loose more of natures beautiful creatures!

Click on the pictures 2 times to see it in a bigger view!

There are 4 animals there, they are all on the endagered species list. From the left you have an Asian Golden cat, an Iberian Lynx, an Asian Lion and a Baluchistan bear. I want to add a striped hyena.

This will be the screensaver background for my next flash task, hope you like it!


Managed to fix the picture upload problem. Finally.

Hello world! Please check out my first flash on this link:


NB! I can’t upload pictures because there is something wrong with my pictureuploading page. If this continues, I would have to change blogpage and that is really the last thing I want to do.


A task at school. Our teacher (Anne Mallbye) asked us to find ten logos we have a opinion on. Check them out!logosamling


Oslo Kino – LOVE
Cinemacafe – Like
We (play) in design – Like
Animal planet (old) – Like
Animal planet (new) – Hate
Nokia – Like
UT (untamed) – LOVE
Fairtrade – Like
Oriental resturant – ROFL
London Olympics – Hate
Mtv (and artversions) – LOVE