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Old work I wanted to post 🙂

Sketches, 3d, silly projects.. The oldest work here is from 2003, the woman with crow and the moon in the background.. The mermaid is my first drawing with the wacom tablet, it was a great way to learn how to use it.. 😉

Hope u like..

I am starting a new drawing in photoshop now…  Drawing clouds is the main task in this drawing, but I am not sure about how they came out.. the cat and the tv antenna it is standing on is okey.. all in all a good drawing that took me just an hour to make.. 🙂

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Some sketches I’ve been working on. The mermaids are tattoo design for a woman in Hong Kong. The rest of the drawings is drwan just for fun 🙂

I found a sketch book at my home in Kirkenes. I drew these last December, and I was going for the cartoon look that Lois van Baarle has on her drawings. Drew this with a 0.5mm push pencil. Hope you guys like it..