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So we have this task at school, to make a portfolio in flash. I’ve made a layout that I am very satisfied with. The portfolio’s maincolors are baby blue, white and old fashion pink. Made an decorative animation on the top left side and the heart next to the text: “Designing Fun” is pulsing, just to make the site less motionless. I’ve only added two buttons on the side margin: ABOUT ME and INDUSTRIAL DESIGN. The Industrial design button is not done. You can click on the button and a new meny will scroll down with several projects within the industrial design category. I am going to add a ILLUSTRATION button soon.

Check it out here! :

A photoshop drawing im doing right now.. A cute pin up girl that loves candy! She has a cute/sexy pose with a lollipop in her hand. I wanted bright colors that might be assosiated with candy. I am heading the right direction with the hair, the rest of her body and clothes are just base colored.The flower is just a future referance for when I am going to paint it.

Here are some pictures. Let me know if there is something wrong with the perspective, the colors, anatomy etc etc. Click on the picture several times to zoom in.

I’ve changed my brandname from mokitoys (motion kinetic toys) to just Moki.. It is easier to work with when it comes to logos and I figured that adding “toys” for a brand name is like having a third wheel. Toys, you must leave the premise! MOKI stands alone!


Okey, so my digital painting attempt on photoshop continues to be a dissapointment (or a project I don’t dare to continue with), I WILL try again and again.. I’m finished with the basic colors on her face.. I need to place the dark and light parts on her body..

Tell me what you think! Colour, clothes, face, eyes etc..

Some sketches I’ve been working on. The mermaids are tattoo design for a woman in Hong Kong. The rest of the drawings is drwan just for fun 🙂

3 different types of concept for the rapidmanufacturing task we have at school

Stunna shades


Birdy house

Made by group 5; Karin Ekwall, Ulrikke Pedersen and me, Maria..

The teachers and the sensors went for the shoes concept! so we’ll be making shoes for the next 3 weeks! a girls dream…

My first portrait I am trying to make in photoshop. I am using a tutorial from a book named Fantasy workshop, by Fantasy and Sci-fi digital art, ImagineFX… The tutorial I am following is made by a great digital artist from Poland named Marta Dahlig. Her website:

Leave comments and tips on how to continue… I’m kinda locked right now, because I can’t get the eyes right..