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Consept number 1 “2-in-1”

With this hydration backpack you get two products in one! A hydration backpack, for the long runs/hikes/bikeride/skiing, where you need lots of water. And a hydration belt for the short runs/hikings and so on.

Consept 2 “Wrap me up”

What I wanted with this hydration backpack was to get more comfort and stability for the active user. If your backpack is wrapping it self around you, maybe it those criteriors will be forfilled. It is also looks very sleek and dynamic with the long lines.

Consept 3 “minimal”

Here its all about getting the backpack as small as you can. The weight has to be around 300 – 350 grams and there has to be a minimal use of materials.

The teachers wanted me to continue with consept number 1 “2-in-1”. 🙂