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I love to make this every other week. It is super healthy and fills me up quickly. I got the recipe from Ingers kokebok, and she is known for her healthy high fiber bread that every sporty person in Norway is hooked on!

I changed her recipe to get more taste, and I seem to change it everytime I make it, but it never goes wrong 😉 I love to eat them warm with butter and brown cheese! ❤

Here is some pictures!

Recipe (in Norwegian)

200 g hvetemel
200 g sammalt hvete, fin el. grov
200 g havregryn
50 g hvetekli
5 dl lunkent vann
2 ss olivenolje
1 ts salt
50 g gjær

Hvis du liker sesamfrø i rundstykkene, kan du bytte ut litt av melet med sesamfrø.

Good night peeps ❤