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Old work I wanted to post 🙂

Sketches, 3d, silly projects.. The oldest work here is from 2003, the woman with crow and the moon in the background.. The mermaid is my first drawing with the wacom tablet, it was a great way to learn how to use it.. 😉

Hope u like..

Making mock-ups has been challenging, but rewarding.. I’ve made one 1:3 scale mock-up, but it was hard to work with and I did’nt get a good view of how it would look like in full scale. So I started making my mock ups in full scale. I chose two design sketches that I liked and made them.

Now I’m out of thread, so I have to wait with the sewing tiil tomorrow.. Untiil then I’ll start with the new rapport layout.. 🙂

A big canvas that me and Edmond have drawn things and characters that comes to mind 😉 We draw characters whenever we want to, so this picture will be filled up even more. Hope u like..