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Found this vector artist at

Love the way Zutto’s artwork looks, because it kinda looks like a digital painting made in Photoshop instead of Illustrator. Some of Zutto’s work looks very smooth and 3-dimentional and the rest is obviously vector made.

This was my favorite vector piece by Zutto, “The Cave tales” very dark, cute, and I kinda get this feeling of beeing safe in that cave 😛

Look at Zutto’s behance portfolio at

I am practicing my vector art in illustrator CS4 . This is a gypsy woman I had to make for a festival in Oslo. I came this far with the picture and then the client said that they wanted a real photo of a gypsy instead. It doesnt matter because I got a great kick-start on my first vector art in a long time. I can post some other vector art I have done with this post, just check out the gallery 🙂 The grim face is one of the first vector art I have ever done, a pretty easy one to do. The angel and devil has more details, I am not happy with the devil fork because it looks like it belongs to Poseidon >_<‘ …  And the indian man is a friend of mine, so that is my first portrait..  The gypsy’s guitar is not done and her hands. Please comment if there is something I can do better, I love getting feedback!